Dance island

Dance island has been on Second Life for over 15 years.

A community that has grown over time. A meeting point for:

  • Business, with our shops available.
  • Friendship, in our club music, with Dj or Radio, is there every day.
  • A recent art space where you can exhibit your works.

If you are a shopkeeper, a deejay, a host or an artist join our community.

We are waiting for you!!!

Dance Island Team

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Dance Club LIVE DJ & music 24/7 official Winner “BEST DANCE CLUB in Second Life.”
Real DJs, Real Music, Real People


at dance Island 

Beats, Sound  

and  Dj sets

Are you an Artist?

If you are an artist and want to show and promote your works, exhibit in our art space on Dance Island.
For information write to
or contact in world MissTrance Isabella (vortice41)

Resident  Djs

  • Dj Angel Fox
  • Dj Angel Claven
  • Dj Beat Converter
  • Dj BonieFacio
  • Dj Charmony
  • Dj Coca
  • Dj Cozicozi
  • Dj Fonic
  • Dj Giuseppe Mullery
  • Dj Jessie K
  • Dj Joanie
  • Dj letizia Faulkes
  • Dj Lord Kraai
  • Dj Mara
  • Dj MissTrance
  • Dj Panther
  • Dj Stevanno
  • Dj TheDJ Miaoit
  • Dj Walker Devin
  • Dj Yennefer

Cover Djs

Dj Arc  Dj Candy Dj Helen B Dj Maxi
Dj Knautschi Dj Lev Dj Mr Hauster Dj Nyana Dj Stereo

Our Host

Angelique Autumn Arella Dana Julya Loba Maggie Meiga Remi Roxy Spoon Thressje Willow

thank you making all of my years in dance island amazing you definitely have made it come a long way in 14 years i wish you much success and happiness in dance island you and everyone who works here are amazing and talented there is simply one choice for dance clubs and that is dance island happy 14th year and many many more you and all your staff deserve all you can get in second life always....cayla