Move! Animation Cologne

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TIP: If you have the New MOVE Automatic Dance HUD, wear it while you purchase and get your dances automatically installed into the HUD ♥


Move Automatic Dance Hud

The NEW MOVE! Animations AUTOMATIC Dance HUD is a MUST HAVE Add On for you!

This HUD makes your life easier !


  • When wearing the HUD, you`re now able to have all animations you purchase from MOVE! Animation vendors AUTOMATICALLY built in the HUD ( also full dance packs from pack vendors and single dances from ALL vendors and MOVE! Danceballs ) So enjoy this UBERCOOL feature from now on!
  • The HUD has the ability to do an alphabetical search of dances in its inventory.
  • It AUTOMATICALLY CREATES playlists for every dance pack you purchase from MOVE! including all MOVE! packs all around the GRID.
  • See the animation which is currently playing.
  • Get 2 FREE DANCES within the HUD.
  • Invite friends to dance with you.
  • Make your own Playlists with your Dances.
  • Sync` your friends when dancing with you.
  • Kick people from the Dancers List.
  • 3 Colors included