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We are hiring Dj & Host

Join one of the oldest, largest and fun clubs in Second Life. Dance Island is hiring DJs for all time slots and days.
-We are looking for talented, top-notch Djs and new talent who can demonstrate or may have these qualities:
– Excellent Beat-Mixing
– Mix via Turntables & external equipment.
– Mix via CDJS & external equipment.
– Mix Via VDJ and other software DJ Programs
– Live mix DJ experience of at least 6 months

– No Rock Music
– No Hip-Hop
– No Reggae

– No Drag and Drop Djs
– No Winamp Djs
– No Sam Djs

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The latest event of the 2022 is coming to Dance Island.
It's time to dress up for our "Sparkles" night.
Try to be sparkly, fashionable and ready to have fun for over 12 hours.
@SecondLife #secondlifeevent @DanceIslandsl #eventsl

time to Christmas is coming and we have new look for the month
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Halloween is almost over and we have already started preparations for the 2022 Holiday Shop & Hop in Second Life. Applications are open until November 7th for Merchants who want to participate!

Apply now ➡️

#SecondLife #SLShopHop #Metaverse

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